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Help! We know that an emergency problems are never convenient (and happens far too often in the middle of the night). Some problems (like an over-flowing toilet) just can’t just wait until tomorrow. That’s why Bayside Plumbing is available 24/7 for emergency services throughout Northern Minnesota, including Cass Lake, Federal Dam, Hackensack, Laporte, Longville, Walker, Whipolt, and neighboring communities. *

Walker Area 218-547-2244

Longville Area218-363-2288

Hackensack Area: 218-675-5043

Nevis Area: 218-652-2214       

At Bayside Plumbing we’re prepared for nearly any emergency. When you need us, you’ll reach one of our technicians who will listen to your concerns to fully understand your problem, explain what needs to be done, and come out to your property as soon as possible to fix the problem. Often, the technician will come up with a temporary fix to get you through the night or weekend so they can come back during regular business hours to fix the problem — and help you avoid additional emergency service fees.  *

subject to emergency service fee if after normal business hours


If you have an emergency problem that can’t wait, give Bayside Plumbing a call NOW! 

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